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Sustainable Education in Rural Africa

Strengthening community efforts to teach and nurture the future generation

The Problem

98 million children are out of school

Over one-fifth of African children between the ages of 6 and 11 are not in school, while nearly 60% of youth between the ages of 15 and 17 are not enrolled. 1The need for schooling has outpaced the availability of public education. Those who can afford education send their children to private schools in the city. But that is not an option for many in rural areas or for poorer families.

The Challenge

Seeking Stablility When Income Is Sporadic

Local communities are responding by offering affordable education to families within the community. However, due to the lack of formal services and government assistance, these schools must rely on student fees to cover operational costs.In rural areas, family incomes tend to fluctuate and can be inconsistent, particularly for those working in agriculture who receive the majority of their earnings during harvest season.Despite the immense value placed on education, parents within these communities often find it challenging to align their payments with the school term schedules. They are eager to invest in their children's future but struggle to meet the financial demands in a timely manner.

The Solution

Simple Tools To Manage Operations

LIA Prime provides schools with a suite of tools to support sustainable operations, quality education, and access to financial resources.

Considered Planning


Schools learn a disciplined approach to recording income and expenses, measuring results, and developing strategic plans for targeted improvements.

Managed Cash Flow

Financial Services

As de facto credit providers, Schools are given the means to set up and manage payment plans and access short-term financing based on collateralized debt.

Our Impact

From Survive to Thrive

Discover how LIA Prime's partnership with Busasi Primary School is transforming a small Ugandan village, overcoming financial challenges to provide quality education and sustainable growth for a brighter future.

LIA promotes Learning In Action — fostering growth and developing expertise through practical experience.

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Through our collaboration with community leaders, we identify opportunities to invest in communities that have established a foundation for sustainable education.If you are interested in working with us and nurturing future generations, please get in touch.

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Transforming Lives The Inspiring Journey of Busasi Primary School

How LIA Fund Empowered a Rural Ugandan School to Sustainably Thrive and Grow

In the heart of a small yet burgeoning community, an hour away from Uganda's capital, lies Busasi Primary and Nursery School. This inspiring institution, founded by the community chairman, began with only three classrooms to address the village's glaring lack of educational opportunities.Reaching Financial Sustainability
When we first met with Busasi School in 2022, the school directors were eager to improve their institution but felt challenged by their lack of capital. Beginning with a thorough analysis of the school's operating expenses, together, we identified the operating deficit that threatened the school's survival. Empowered with this knowledge, the school quickly applied LIA Prime tools to track finances, reduce expenses, and implement improved fee collection methods. In just six months, the school's leadership eliminated the 50% deficit, balanced the budget, and reinvested profits into the school facilities.
Growing with Quality Education
By 2023, Busasi School was successfully using its income to expand and accommodate the growing number of students. Responding to the community's needs, the school saw enrollment increase from 70 to over 160 students in less than a year. With a focus on maintaining high educational standards, the school implemented meticulous tracking of exam performance, resulting in more than half of the students achieving top marks by the term's end.
Building a Brighter Future with LIA Prime
Despite these remarkable achievements, Busasi School continues to face cash flow challenges due to the irregular income of families in the community. LIA Prime remains committed to partnering with the school, helping them overcome these financial hurdles and further their crucial mission of educating the community's future generation.

By empowering schools like Busasi to overcome financial obstacles and sustainably expand, LIA Prime is playing a vital role in shaping a brighter future for countless children and their communities throughout rural Africa.

The Approach

Strengthening Schools by Supporting Sustainable Operations

LIA Prime's toolkit helps schools attain financial sustainability, manage operations, and make visible progress toward their goals and long-term success.


We use common communication methods like WhatsApp to provide guidance, develop plans, and gather information.


We process conversational interactions to develop simple financial summaries and track progress toward goals.


We help schools work with families to determine the best payment plan and manage fee collection over time. Through our approach, we maintain an accurate payment history and performance record.


We offer zero-interest loans based on individual family payment plans, payment history, and the school's overall financial management.

Together with LIA Prime, schools can achieve financial stability and sustainability, enabling them to concentrate on their vital mission: expanding access to quality education for every child.

Sustaining Success The Progress of Busasi Parents Nursery and Primary School

A Journey Back to the Heart of Community Education

July 2023 marked my heartwarming return to Busasi Parents Primary School within the rapidly expanding community in the rural setting of Busasi, 50 km from Kampala. The school greeted me with overwhelming hospitality; the students showcased elaborate performances, including songs that painted a vivid picture of the school's achievements in the last year, including a new water tank, improved security for school grounds, and business training for leadership.Partnership with LIA PrimeLIA Prime's involvement has been pivotal. By offering operational guidance and setting accountability benchmarks, we've ensured the school operates sustainably. Leadership has implemented weekly financial reviews along with required monthly progress reports. By meeting these requirements, access to LIA Prime's short-term financing has addressed cash flow challenges, which previously hampered overall operations.Transparency, being paramount, led the school leadership to share comprehensive financial reports. Impressively, they've registered profits for three consecutive terms, with a surplus of 2M UGX on an 11M UGX budget (~$3000). Sound financial management, combined with financing, has enabled investments in additional classrooms, facilities, and extracurricular activities.Teachers in Uganda are notoriously underpaid, receiving only partial salary often several months past due. Busasi Parents is an exception and takes pride in punctual salary disbursements to their teaching staff. Miyranga Tonny, the school director, reached out after the visit to let me know the teachers had not only been paid in full but were paid a week early! Still, the school aims to improve: Offering consistent monthly salaries, especially during school holidays, to attract the finest educators.About Busasi Parents Primary School
Chairman Lutaya Moses envisioned a brighter future when he founded the school five years ago. Despite the school's humble origins, Chairman Moses never limited his vision to educate Busasi's children to be active global citizens:
"My dream is to offer quality education to our community, allowing our people to rise above illiteracy and stand confidently among the educated. I envision our school as a leading institution, prepared to meet the challenges of a globalized world. For our teachers, I hope they become models of excellence, guiding our students with dedication. And for our students, I see them transforming into informed, well-rounded individuals, capable of making meaningful contributions to both our local community and the wider world."

While realizing this dream will take time, the consistent discipline and progress of Busasi Parents cannot be overlooked.

Busasi Parents School is working hard to meet the increasing demand of the growing community. It has built an effective foundation for education in the region but has reached its capacity. Despite its consistent performance and financial management, Busasi Parents School does not have access to much needed financing.Consider building on this foundation as school leadership seeks a loan to construct 3 new classrooms to continue its growth into 2024.